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New Upcoming 5G Mobile in 2019, Breaking News For Mobile Geeks, Official: Announcement

New Upcoming 5G Mobile in 2019, Breaking News For Mobile Geeks, Official: Announcement

Now a day in daily life we all know mobile phone or we can say smartphones are very essential for our daily life. Now it is being like a need of our life. Some people are also hardcore mobile geeks. Its been their passion to explore the mobile phone.                                                                So don't go to the further introduction let get to the point.Now this time in the smartphone market is full of gossiping of 5g networks, like Which smartphone company launches the 1st 5G smartphone?And all companies are publishing the news to launch the 5G phone in  2k19, But one thing I should say the smartphone market of 2019 is full of 5G smartphones. In this blog, I am discussing some phones which will you saw in the year 2019 with 5G support. So let get started:

Xiomi Launch News:

Mi Mix 3

In the month of October latest smartphone manufacturing company, Xiomi launched a smartphone called Mi Mix 3, which is a fully futuristic smartphone with powerful specifications. After launching this phone much news is coming from Xiomi company like this phone is coming with 5G, but the company launched the phone with 4G. After finishing the event Xiomi company declared they will launch a new smartphone with some new additional specifications and 5G network in the year 2019.

Samsung Launch News:

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung always uses Colcomp latest Prosser and the latest news is Samsung use Colcomp Prosser in their new smartphone GALAXY S10 Snapdragon 845, the company launch 4 new smartphones from this 4 smartphone one is going to be the 5G smartphone.

LG Launch News:


Famous smartphone company  LG declared in the of 2018, they will launch a 5G smartphone in the year 2019. And recently in a smartphone of Colcomp LG Company declared they will be launching a smartphone call LG G8 Thinq with 5g support.


Image result for oneplus logo
ONEPLUS is another famous company which provides value for money smartphone for their customer. In Calcomp event the company declared to launch a 5G smartphone in the year 2019.

MOTOROLA Launch News:

MOTOROLA company's famous smartphone MOTO Z3 they had launched in 2018, this phone has come with several modes. Recently the company decided to launch a new mode for this phone after attaching this mode the phone upgrades into 5G.

So, this is the brief information about new upcoming smartphonewith 5G network. Good Bye friends. Stay feet and healthy :)

                                                                               --------- Suman Saha

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