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WhatsApp Status Apps of 2019

You all have some friends whose WhatsApp wall always fill with attractive status but you don’t know where to get those statuses and how to download, save and share to your friends. After several searches, you have finally landed on our page and that’s it. Just relax and scroll down to know about the WhatsApp Status Apps of 2019 which you can download or save in your phone. So, this is Debjyoti, your technical advisor and I am here to let you know about these best WhatsApp status apps.

WhatsApp Status Apps
WhatsApp Status Apps

WhatsApp Status:

What is the video status?

Updating status on social media like Facebook and WhatsApp is a very popular way of showing off yourself as well as your feelings now a day. Status which you update on your news feed or a story can be visible to the viewers for 24 hours. After that, it gets disabled by default. You can update videos, photos, text, infographic messages and loads of things. With the increasing demand of these WhatsApp statuses, the numbers of apps of providing these kinds of status savers and downloader have also been going up as well. So the third-party sources are always the best providers of images and especially the videos. You can get video status of different genre like romantic, funny, motivational, spiritual etc. 

WhatsApp Status Apps:

1. ShareChat- Make friends, WhatsApp Status & Videos

The first name which I recommend you is the ShareChat app. This is the best video status app which contains lots of colorful features. You can make videos on India’s top trending and hot topics and become viral on social media and among your friends. In Google Play this app is downloaded by 10M+ users and everyone is literally enjoying this app.
You can add your status in WhatsApp in any of the 14 Indian languages like Hindi, Telegu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Odia, and Bhojpuri etc. So, there is no barrier of languages.
The main features of ShareChat are:
·         Share and repost stickers on WhatsApp
·         Download funny short videos, jokes, GIFs, audio etc
·         Share videos on the most trending topics, bhajans, motivational videos
·         Latest gossip and funny videos on Bollywood and other upcoming movies
·         Best love Shayari, romantic Shayari download
·         Beauty tips, fitness videos
·         Horoscope, astrology predictions by renowned Panditji
·         Good morning and good night wishes and other festival wishes

So, if you want some of the given items then you must install this ShareChat app first. The size of this app is 9.2 MB and available on Google Play.

2. VidStatus- Status videos & status download 

If you are fond of short videos of spanning 30 seconds and download it for free and then post it o your WhatsApp Status wall then this app is the ideal one for you.
VidStatus allows you to download your favorite short video clips and then share your feelings on WhatsApp. Their collection of trending topic videos is just out of the world. In this app, you can watch, edit and download video songs of hot love stories, funny Bollywood scene videos, sports, GIFs and news videos in several Indian languages like Bengali, Hindi, Telegu, Marathi, Punjabi etc.
VidStatus supports SNS for video fans. You can see other people who are already in VidStatus. You can discover more new friends and chat with them across India.
The downloaded videos can be shared on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. In addition to this, you can also make your own videos using their video editing tools of 30 seconds. On those videos, you can use filters, stickers, and themes. This makes this VidStatus app to reach up to 10M+ users and the number is also increasing.

The main features of VidStatus are:

·         Most trending videos on news, sports, movies and entertainment
·         Best jokes, memes, funny videos like Bakchodi Billi, Troll cricket and other very popular genres
·         Latest updates on Bengali, Telegu, Tamil and Bollywood movies and songs
·         Health tips and how-to guides
·         Latest romantic and love quotes, videos of different languages for free
·         A free dictionary tool for translating chats from English to Hindi
·         Free video editing tools for professional video making experience
·         Shoot videos by the front-facing camera like Tik Tok

This awesome feature-packed WhatsApp status app can be downloaded from Google Play which is only 24MB and the rating of this app is 4.5 with thousands of positive reviews. If you want o download this app then click here.

3. Video Songs Status (Lyrical Videos) – Vidjoy 

In the 3rd position, we have the best emerging WhatsApp status app of 2019.
The social media is full of stories and people are loving the status updating in their story rather than on news feed.  Video Song Status is an app which let you download, see, post and share video statuses with your friends.
The trending songs which are the most famous of recent time can be shared instantly on social media.
A full-screen video status has been developed by this app developer which enables you to get access to some HD full-screen videos which are really beautiful.
The key fact is that the server of this app is very fast and hence the videos are downloaded in no time and you can thus upload it on WhatsApp.
In addition to this, you can send them a request on which topic you want videos and they will convert make videos on that s soon as possible. Also, you can send a request to make a video on your favorite song which they make professionally.
Recently, they have completed their 5M download of this app. This app will take 8.2 MB to be downloaded which is easily available on Google Play.

4. Helo: WhatsApp status, videos clip

Here is number 4, we have one of the recently thriving online communities of jokes, Shayari, and gossip related videos.
Helo is emerging as a very popular WhatsApp status app among people. It has struck the Play Store with more than 50M downloads. You can download videos, GIFs, funny jokes, gossip news, and movie related videos over 14 different Indian languages for free. Their collection of these kinds of videos is huge and you can find any kind of videos from your favorite genre. You can download, share on social media and also report on FB or WhatsApp stories.

        The main features of Helo are:

·        Read a huge collection of jokes, WhatsApp status, Bollywood gossip, and funny videos, sports, news, wishes, Shayari.
·        Watch the most viral videos of recent times of different genre.
·        Share those videos on WhatsApp, Facebook, WhatsApp Status and Facebook story.
·        Comment on these videos and repost.
·        You can chat with superstars and follow them on Helo.
·        Record your own videos and become famous on social media.
·        This entire thing you can do for absolutely free.

This Helo app is available on Play Store which will take 19.52 MB to be installed. Then you can enjoy those things asserted above.

5.  Video Status: Full-Screen VideoStatus for WhatsApp

My last pick of best WhatsApp Status App is Video Status. But don’t think underrated of it. It is also one of the very popular apps for downloading or reposting WhatsApp status.
VideoStatus releases thousands of new videos every day which you can share. You can access online video status, text SMS or text status and status saver or downloader.
VideoStaus provides stickers, romantic, love song videos, Shayari, spiritual, motivational videos of recent events, festivals and also movies, sports, and news. Their 30-second video statuses are pretty interesting. The lyrics video status and WASticker are very popular features of VidStatus. The rating of this app on the Google Play store is less than 4.5 (4.3) but the reviews which I have seen are mixed with good and bad comments. So, it’s up to you whether you want to download it or not. But I would suggest you download this app for once as it always presents you the most recent videos, songs, and the other genre videos for free.
It only takes 6.91 MB to be downloaded. So, what are you waiting for?

In my opinion, VidStatus is my favorite WhatsApp Status App. Because it allows you to make your own videos with the help of their in-built video editor which contains so many tools along with filters to make it more professional.
If you want to know what are the best video editing apps Android then CLICK HERE

                                                           So, this description may be short and I know that you also know other very popular WhatsApp Status Apps. Don’t forget to comment below for your opinion that which of them you like the most. I will come with the next best WhatsApp Status Apps of 2019 in my next article. So, till then stay tuned and keep supporting “I5SMARTGADGET”. Thank you. Goodbye.

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