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Tesla Model Y: Release Date, Specifications, Price, Full Review

Hello everyone! Have you heard of the new project of Tesla cars? Okay, let me tell you about the upcoming car of Tesla, the Tesla Model Y. Hey, this is Debjyoti your technical advisor and today I am going to give you all the information of Tesla Model Y along with its full review, price, specs and release date worldwide and in India.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y full review:

The Tesla Model Y was presented last week at an event in Hawthorne, California, at the Tesla Design Studio. The event was perhaps one of the most highly expected events of the year, as the ECUV (electric compact utility vehicle) is likely to hit the market and sell more than all three of Tesla’s current vehicles combined, and become one of the top-selling passenger vehicles in the world.

Tesla Model Y Interior:

The first thing to be noticed is the rear of the vehicle which is that the seats sat a little higher than in the Model 3. The structure of the fabric base and back is the same as in Model 3, and it is justified, as the Model Y uses the same seats as Model 3. When you sit higher, it makes the already low dash of the Model 3, which also carries through into the Model Y, feels even lower and opened up the visibility out the front of the car even more than that of Model 3.
After that, looking back to the 3rd row of seating small jump seats is seen that looked very similar like what you see on airplanes for flight staff. Two very small seats appeared to sit on the floor of the back, which is not so comfortable. This is likely something Tesla is still working on, as it is hard to sit back there for any period of time and being comfortable. I’m not expecting them to be comfortable but kids may find this seat to be comfortable.
Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y

Looking up to the front seats, the 15″ a landscape touch screen that made its debut in the Model 3 is a very familiar face, as is the majority of the front landscape. A center console sweeps up to the front to the low dash, the steering wheel comes with the same familiar knobs. I expect Tesla should introduce the Standard Interior options that it recently rolled out in the Model 3 to the Model Y when the time comes for the first Standard Range vehicles to ship to customers.
Tesla Model Y Glass:
Looking up, the full piece of glass covering the cabin was the main attraction to me. That surprised me because it was literally a nighttime and there wasn’t much to see, but it did so just the same. The Model Y differs from the Model 3 with its roof design, opting instead for a single pane of glass from the rear of the windshield back to the top of the rear hatchback which is really not up to the mark.
The change results in a spacious feeling from inside the car that you can’t get in the Model 3. The Model 3 had come with a single pane of glass over the driver and passenger; with another large pane that flows back from just in front of the rear passengers all the way back to the end of the car. The feel of the Model Y and the hatchback design is good, as it’s just so much more functional.
Tesla Model Y driving:
Nobody outside of Tesla’s internal members has been able to drive the Model Y yet (the same as was the case when Model 3 was first shown on 31st March 2016) but some of the Tesla crew members in charge of the car took the reviewers on the standard route out from the Design Studio onto the street for a quick ride. The acceleration up the straightaway was remarkable, but not absurd. Indeed, the Performance loaded Model Y was not in the hand of the reviewers but the short and healthy ride was enough to understand the driving capacity of the Tesla Model Y.

If you make some dodge and wave down the street, it perfectly handles itself with minimal body roll despite of full load.

Overall, the Model Y is fundamentally similar to the Model 3, with the add-on height having essentially no impact if you talk about the driving characteristics of the car. But that is an impressive achievement for a car that packs 66 cubic feet of storage space!

Tesla Model Y Pricing:

The Model Y being an SUV will carry extra space than Model 3 and will cost as much more. Therefore, the estimated price for the base model of the car is around USD 40,000 (around Rs 28 lakh).

Tesla Model Y Launch Date:

On March 4, Elon Musk twitted that Model Y will be unveiled on March 14 at LA Design Studio.
But it is far from the consumers of India as the mass production will start after a few days in the Gigafactory of Tesla in Nevada. The volume production will kick off in 2020. So, to get the Model Y in your hand, it will be 2021 at least.
                                                         So, for now, you all have to wait for the delivery of Model Y. But have you read the article about the Tesla Model 3 which has been the best selling EV of Tesla in 2018? If not then read the full article about TESLA MODEL 3here. Okay, that’s it from today. I’ll be back with this kind of interesting gadget related news. Till then stay tuned and keep supporting our website “I5SMARTGADGET“. Thank you and goodbye.

The image used in this article is taken from Tesla's official website and social media handle.

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